Build A Dog House – What Are The Factors To Consider?

Having a pet dog can at home cam be fun and challenging. Providing your dog with shelter is one of your responsibilities as a dog owner. But if your pet loves the outdoors and stays there for house, then it’s ideal to build a dog house just for your furry pal.

Many folks have tried planning and building their dogs’ houses, and the experience is quite enjoyable for most of them. If you wish to build a dog house for your pet, make sure that you have a dog house plan with you or you can get on the net for free or you can sketch it yourself. Next is the choice of wood, and builders would and dog owner often advice that it’s best to use cedar. Pay your local hardware store a visit to help you prepare your budget. The store manager can help you make a rough estimate of the costs.

Before starting out, you need to consider these factors once you build a dog house for your pet.

Space and size

The height and length of your dog can help determine the space and size of its house. Don’t forget to make allowances to the measurement of the wood panels that you’ll install so that the finished house will have enough interior space. The house should allow your dog to turn around while inside, lie down and stretch out comfortably.

Proper flooring and height

It is standard to raise the dog house at least 3 inches off the ground to prevent the floor from getting wet when it rains/snows and to let air flow underneath the dog house. To help protect the flooring from the inside, you can add a flap-type door to help keep your pet warm and dry, and to keep away the elements.

Proper insulation and ventilation

It is important that you consider these factors because poor insulation and ventilation can cause major damage to your dog’s health and its home. You can use insulation pads all over your dog’s house to keep it warm during winter and cool during summer. If you live in a place where winters are harsh, the you should consider installing a heater to keep your pet warm.

Easy clean-up

You can build a completely detachable roof or you can attach hinges on one side and onto the dog house so you can lift it to make cleaning easier. In order to remove any possible odors and to disinfect the interior naturally, you should leave the roof lifted for a few house.


You need to decide where to put your dog’s house. You should consider where the wind and cold front are coming from. The entry way of the dog house should not face the direction where these elements are coming from to protect your pet. Some dog owners place their dog’s house underneath vegetation or trees, within their covered porches and backyard gardens.

When you build a dog house for your pet, these guidelines can help you create an ideal place for your pet to rest and sleep while outdoors. The challenges are not only present when you build a dog house, but when you incorporate these factors in order to get the best house for your pet.