How To Build A Dog House – Some Points To Ponder

If you check out the dog houses that are being sold online, you’ll be surprised of their prices. That’s one of the reasons why dome dog owners end up building their own dog houses. But not everyone knows how to build a dog house from the ground up.

First you’ll need a good dog house blueprint or plan. By searching the internet, you may find the easiest and most basic dog house plan. Having a little knowledge of carpentry can help, especially if you don’t know how to build a dog house.

Next is decide on the size of the dog house. You have to measure your dog in order to build a house that’s ideal for its size. Take the measurements of your pet’s height and length to estimate the size of the dog house and the entry way.

For durability, you may use cedar wood for your dog’s house. In buying wood panels, you should give the right measurements to the wood shop and inquire if they can cut the panels for you. This also applies to the roofing material so you won’t need to cut it yourself.

Make sure to buy nails, hinges for the roof, and paint. You can help moderate the temperature inside the dog’s house by adding insulation material or padding.

Look for the assembly guideline when there’s not much info from the plan and when its’ time to assemble the dog house. The internet has many how to build a dog house tips and advices that can help you prepare.

Here are some tips that can help you in constructing the dog house.

Make sure to elevate the floor of your dog’s house. 3 inches off the ground is perfect to allow air circulation underneath the house. It also helps in keeping the interior cool during summer and warm during winter.

You can make the roof of the dog house detachable. Or you can attach hinges on one side to allow you to lift it up when it’s clean-up time. You should go for non-metal roofing to prevent the interior of the dog house from getting too hot during daytime. You may also use cedar wood for the roof, just apply a water-proof coating to protect the wood.

Once the dog house is assembled, it is best to put it on a covered porch or an area that can still provide protection to your pet.

If you are not sure of how to build a dog house, don’t worry. There are many resources on the internet alone and you’ll be able to choose what’s best for your capabilities. Or if you have a relative who knows how to build a dog house, then call that person up and ask for help.