Organic Dog Food Recipe – Learn The Basics

You are not the only pet owner who wants to prepare dog food at home. Many dog owners have been practicing this since years ago, even before the first bag of kibble was produced. But this has changed and many people are choosing to make their own organic dog food recipes because they believe that these are better alternatives for commercial varieties.

If you look at an organic dog food recipe on the net, there is emphasis on the type of meat and other ingredients because these make the recipe organic. A typical organic dog food recipe does not contain any ingredient which has chemicals such as additives, preservatives, fertilizers and other chemical-based enhancers. When you check the packaging of organic dog foods in the market, you’ll find that they have similar type of ingredients that come in different varieties.

It is best to stick to the ingredients that you’ll find if you are planning to cook for your pet using organic dog food recipe. If you can’t find some of the ingredients, you may be able to find replacements in the organic section of your local supermarket. The goal is to produce organic and healthier dog food in your own kitchen using various ingredients that are readily available. And if by chance you can’t find some of the organic ingredients such as fruits or veggies, you can substitute with another organic veggie or fruit.

Folks who share their own organic dog food recipes may also share the good and bad ingredients for dogs to help you choose only the best ones when it’s time to shop. Some of the toxic food items that can harm your dog are coffee, raisins, onions, grapes, strawberries, cacao products, chocolate, corn products, certain nuts, grains, onions and garlic. So better stay away from them if you’re shopping for your dog’s home-made meal.

If you search the net, you will find many organic dog food recipes via blogs, dog-related websites, as well as home-made dog food sites. Upon seeing the ingredients, it’s also advisable to do some research to make sure that they are non-toxic to your pet. It is also advisable to change or rotate the ingredients once in a while – for instance, change the organic meat content every two days. By doing this, you are adding variety to your pet’s meal each day.