Train Your Pooch With Some Simple Guidelines

In America, dogs are man’s second-best friend, after cats. Bad behavior, mischief, and destructiveness are sometimes a natural part of the development of a young animal like a puppy. You can pick up some great advice on canine training by checking out the rest of this article.

TIP! Take small steps when crate training your dog. If they are uncomfortable with the door closed then try to feed them snacks to reassure them that they are okay.

Crate training a puppy must establish the fact the the crate is the new home of the puppy. When meal time comes, place the food bowl in the crate and keep the door open while the dog eats. This will give your dog a positive association with the crate.

Provide your puppy with his own chew toys to alleviate the pain of teething, and try to keep other items out of reach. Instead of allowing it to continue chewing on your important furniture or toys, provide a well-loved chew toy. Puppies sometimes chew objects while going through their teething phase. A wet cloth that has been frozen is perfect for them during this time.

TIP! Ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and stimulation. Dogs become bored very easily.

Dogs have great focus and can focus on one thing, ignoring everything else, until something breaks their attention. With enough training, you will have your dog focusing solely on your signals.

Shock Collars

TIP! Consistency is critical for crate training to succeed. When letting a puppy out of a crate, you need to let them relieve themselves immediately.

Avoid training devices which are high end such as shock collars. They often do not function properly and their cost is rarely justified. Plus, using devices like shock collars can stifle your dog and discourage even good behavior. Using these techniques can have poor results.

The tone of your voice is very important when you are trying to train your dog. Dogs can be very perceptive and can pick up cues from their owners about how the owner is feeling. It is okay to be stern when disciplining your dog.

TIP! When approaching a dog you’ve never met, approach them slowly and offer them the back of a hand to smell. The dog will become familiar with your smell and recognize the scent in the future.

To enforce positive behavior when it comes to training your dog, be sure that you praise your dog. Be positive, excited and provide treats. Don’t even give praise or treats when the dog doesn’t follow your commands or you will destroy what you’re trying to achieve.

Destructive chewing is often a result of anxiety. Keeping your pup in a crate or other doggy-proofed space and providing appropriate chew toys will keep him occupied until you arrive home.

Challenge your dog to try new things and maintain the old things. Try giving them “quizzes” to see what they know, even if you know they will succeed.

Do you have a problem with your dog pulling on his or her leash? This problem is a very common one for dog owners. Thankfully, resolving it is very simple. Purchase a harness, which can reduce the pull on your dog.

TIP! You need to teach your puppy how to leave an item alone with a simple command such as “leave it.” This command teaches them to cease chewing on furniture or items around the house and it keeps them safe from filthy or hazardous items outside.

Try using a crate if you’re house training a dog. For crate training to be effective, you must make sure to let the dog out frequently. Given time, a crate trained dog is much less likely to have accidents inside.

Pay attention to the dog’s signs so that accidents indoors do not occur. A lot of dogs show that they have to pee or poo in a certain way. By taking the time to learn this, you are better equipped to help your dog learn where to go. Understanding the dog’s natural disposition helps make house training simpler for everyone involved.

TIP! Your dog requires at least one hour of exercise every day. If they are well-exercised, then you will have more efficient training.

Keep your dog invested in its training by improving the treats as you go. These treats must differ from ordinary treats, because you want the dog to look forward to getting a special reward when it obeys your command.

You should not have to choose between your beloved dog and a clean home. Well trained dogs will never be destructive in your house, so get on it. Apply these puppy training tips to have a dog and a presentable home.

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