Some Inspirational Accounts Tell How Animals Show Concern For Their Owners

There sure is a unique link that exists among humans and animals, especially the pets. They have this fierce feeling of protection towards humans. It’s thrilling to hear some incredible stories of animals saving humans. However, this unquestioning and selfless gratitude is not just one sided. Humans are also on their front foot making life convenient and comforting for their pets, and dog boarding Seattle and dog boarding Everett are a few examples in this case. The human gratitude is understandable, but what’s very poignant is the animal smartness and its concern for his owner. Here are some accounts on animals saving humans that will surely leave you in awe.

The first one is a story from Bobbie Glover who lives in California. She was walking by her lab in a street close to her home when she fell in to a pot hole and broke her legs. She was repeatedly asking for help, but there was no one near. Bobbie was in actual need of medical assistance so she encircled her hands around her pet and spoke the word “home”. It was this very pet named Boomer who dragged her home. After making it to the home, her husband immediately called 911. It’s strange how this pet that Bobbie had saved from a shelter ended up saving her.

Another tale is of Hugh Ryono whose elephant seal puppy’s name is Gumpy. Usually, he takes his pet to the workplace. One day he fell on the deck near his office which left him in a daze but was able to see three dangerous-looking seal pups advancing towards him. From one more end of the street there was Gumpy moving towards him. She became Hugh’s shield and protected him from those pups. As they were moving in, she stood in the way and swiftly forced them away. Hugh was surprised how his pet was aware of his occurrence and found him exactly at the appropriate time.

Janice Wolf tells his account of an incident in which his 11-month old Watusi calf, Lurch rescued his life. Janice was in his back field when abruptly his calf turned sideways and obstructed his path. The calf was being stubborn and not letting him move. Janice tried to push him away by grasping his horns but the calf tossed his head turning him off balance. It was that very instant that Janice {realized|saw] that a copperhead snake remained coiled in the spot where he was about to land. Lurch did what was best to save his owner. Janice says that he is much sensitive to insect bites and snake venom could have been fatal for him.

These interesting narrations of pets rescuing their owners prove that friendship and loyalty know no bounds. Animals as pets are a real blessing, and there are medical claims telling that pet owners have a decreased incidence of stress, heart attack or stroke. Don’t know how real that is, however, the pets do have some healing powers besides their life saving abilities.