Advocate for Dogs – Flea and Heartworm Prevention That Works

If you really love your dog, you’re not going to take chances when it comes to its comfort and happiness.
To the various aspects of dog health care pet owners do, from routine pet bathing to regular house cleaning, dchoosing the right treatment for flea and heartworm control and prevention must be added.
It’s crucial that your pet be healthy, and this treatment is part of that.
Advocate for Dogs comes as one of the most popular treatments.

Fleas and Heartworms and the inconvenience they can cause to your pet

Dog parasites such as fleas and heartworms can cause serious health problems along with physical discomforts to your pets. Fleas left untreated can lead to your dog’s needing to scratch and bite its skin raw, leaving patches of skin open to secondary infection. It’s no surprise – the itch the fleas cause can get worse, making some dogs wail because of the annoyance, and you may see them rubbing their backs against walls, fence posts, furniture, the ground.
One clearly needs to stick to a home cleaning regimen and pet grooming.
Parasite prevention through topical and oral treatments should go hand in hand with such cleaning and pet grooming routines.

Flea and heartworm prevention – some key ingredients

Fipronil or Imidacloprid are the active ingredients of the most recommended flea preventive treatment in the market today.
It’s been reported that Pyrethrin, an ingredient in the more affordable flea preventive treatments, may pose a health risk to pets.
So that means, if you want to avoid exposing your pet to possible harm when choosing flea treatments, look for Fipronil or Imidacloprid as key ingredients in the treatments you’re looking for.
You can do this online where many dog supply shops post their inventory of flea products. The active ingredients are also usually included.

As for heartworm preventive treatments, the recommended one usually contain a tandem of flea and heartworm preventives – so that’s two problems with one treatment. Lufeneron and Milbemycin are the ingredients to look for.
If your local dog supply shop does not provide a public list of ingredients per product, you can usually find such list online. You can also find these in pet health magazines.

Administering f lea and heartworm treatments

Since a majority of these flea treatments come packed in tubes and vials, it’s so easy to use them – there’s no learning curve.
If you can squeeze a tube of toothpaste, you can use these tubes – just squeeze them on the back of your dog’s neck.
But for heartworm preventives, these usually come in combination meds orally taken once a month. Some can easily be mixed with food or are already palatable to most dogs, for easy administration.

Advantages of Choosing Advocate for Dogs

Advocate Flea and Heartworm treatment for dogs is a topical treatment designed for convenience and affectivity. The packaged applicator is a simple tube to squeeze out and use on your pet – it fights fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, ear mites, demodex, and Sarcoptic Mange
One dose lasts an entire month. Some orally taken treatments require them to be grinded into pet food, what’s disappointing is that it might be hard to force feed them to your dog; you won’t get anything like that with Advocate.

Advocate also prevents heartworm infection. After us, Advocate’s ingredient, Moxidectin, does its magic when it gets into your pet’s bloodstream.
With scheduled, monthly use, Advocate shields your dog from heartworm infection.

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