Anti Bark Dog Collar – Because Quiet Dogs Get More Love

When his work hours end, Mark is eager to come to Gabriel, his Labrador. Gabriel is just as excited for attention, and waits for his master to open the door upon his arrival from work.
Mark kneels and pets his companion for three-years. This routine was only possible after some hardships were overcome. There was a time when Mark’s neighbors phoned him at work, everyday, about Gabriel’s incessant barking. The barking got so bad Mark didn’t know how to calm down Gabriel.
After conducting an online search, he found out about how effective an anti bark dog collar was.

Toning down all that barking

Because he doesn’t want his neighbours always complaining about his dog, a good owner tries to find ways to reduce all that excessive barking.
No one wants to be forced to take some time off from work just to find out what’s making your dog bark loud enough to disturb neighbours.
You might get more irritated when your dog barks like mad when he’s inside your car.
If only the dog stopped at the noise he made – he would also keep restlessly running, knocking down things inside the house and even wrecking them.

Mark found out, after some observation, and a day off from work, that Gabriel barked at other dogs being walked early in the morning, and in the afternoon. Gabriel clearly needed some straightening out.
Mark decided to look into dog conditioning tools.

Shopping is easy

It was easy to decide on the size that fit Gabriel, so Mark just needed to choose a collar with a deterrent system he approved of for his dog.
Static collars mildly electrocuted the dog, or sent a vibration. A chemical released near the dog’s nose – the spray type.
A high pitched sound that annoyed the dog – the ultrasonic type.
Mark went with the spray type.
He had read somewhere that a dog’s heightened sense of smell allowed the spray to annoy him without harming him. A few days after wearing his anti bark dog collar, Gabriel toned down.

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