Anti Barking Dog Collar – What Dog Owners Should Know

Sadly, some dog owners take up job offers elsewhere. To a new country, maybe. A long time neighbor, relative or close friend ends up taking care of the dog; either that or the dog is set up for adoption. When adopted, the new owner might not have the same pet-caring skills as the previous owner. Something as basic as shopping for an anti barking dog collar might be a problem.

When Bark Collars Breakdown

The old anti barking dog collar could break down one day. The dog might still be barking with that collar on. At least the new owner senses something is amiss – the no bark collar is not preventing barking. Talking to a friend who’s also a pet owner, he gets advice that it’s better to get a new collar instead of fiddling with the old one. It’s possible the old bark collar got broken due to rowdy play, or may be it has served its purpose. So the shopping starts.

Immediate Advice From Your Friend Or Your Dog’s Vet

Your fellow pet owner friend is bound to recommend a model and brand that works for him. Of course there are limits – for example if his dog is of a bigger or smaller size than yours, you have to decide on the right size for your dog. You might want to put some effort into contacting that dog’s vet, the one that was its vet when it was still not your dog. That info you can probably get from the previous owner itself. Should you have moved to another area, you should find another vet for the dog. Some new dog owners take pains to obtain the dog’s vet data from its old vet, just in case the dog needs medical treatment. One of the two, the old or the new vet, will probably give you good info on what may work on your dog.

Get Something Similar To What Was Broken

Sometime listening to someone dish out advice, especially when there’s so much to consider in terms of details, can be a pain; so why not get the old collar’s model again. That is if you still have it. If the dog you inherited has a barking problem and lost its bark collar, it’s up to you to buy it a new one.

Sometimes when new owners take over a dog, from it’s old owner, some pet health maintenance and preventive measures are overlooked. This includes the choice of bark collar.

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