Are Dog Beds Really That Necessary?

I’m sure lots of dog owners out there are asking this question every time and say that it just costs too much to purchase a dog bed. But there are lots of reasons why dog beds are important for your dog’s wellbeing and health.

Many dog owners let their pet dogs sleep in the yard, on the carpet, and on the couch or on their own bed. Although it might look like that your pet dog is fine sleeping outside it is not. Your dog can pick up various parasites, bacteria, and viruses just by being outside. This is where an outdoor dog beds can solve this problem. A lot of outdoor dog beds have a waterproof feature which help keeps odor and bacteria from collecting. You can also choose an outdoor dog beds which is raised from the floor to keep your pet dog safe from insects as well.

If you make your furry friend rest on hard places like the floor it is okay for short periods of time. But it isn’t advisable to do so for long periods of time, especially for aging dogs or dogs that have an injury. This is because aging dogs tend to have bone and joint problems such as hip dysplasia or arthritis and making them rest on the floor can be very excruciating for them and can make their conditions worse. Fortunately there are orthopedic dog beds that give comfort to your dog while helping relieve the pain that they’re going through.

Making your dog sleep on the furniture or your bed is okay but when they accidentally pee or even worse poop on them it’s a different story. The bad smell sticks to the fabric and washing your couch or sofa is not an easy job I might add. You can train your dog to sleep on waterproof dog beds so that you won’t have to change the sheets every time they sleep on your bed.

Many dog owners say that dog beds are just too expensive. But when you think about the costs of going to the veterinarian when your dog has bone and joint problems, or the hassle of washing the dirty furniture or bed sheets, buying a dog bed is a wise investment and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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