Bark Collars For Small Dogs – Quick Tips on Buying

Small, cute dogs are exactly that – small, and cute – until they go into that migraine-inducing behavior. We’re talking about the non-stop barking that ends up with you yelling at your own pet, and your pet continuing to yap like crazy the more you get angry at it. To cut the embarrassing scene quickly, some dog owners simply go away with their barking mad pets in two; there’s a way to make this embarrassment go away, though. All you need to do is look into bark collars for small dogs.

You could always have your dog trained by a licensed dog trainer, but that’s not a luxury anyone can afford. Some dog owners try to find work-arounds, and try to remove their dogs from situations when they might be drawn into barking, but the most reliable way to instil doggie discipline is through a bark collar. It’s easy to shop for one, as this article will show you tips.

All bark collars for small dogs are no different from those for mid-size to big-sized ones in that they are all essentially wait-and-annoy devices. It’s known that barking perpetuates itself – so it goes on and on. Once a small dog gets into it, it’s hard to make it stop without some stimulus that annoys the dog, distracts it enough to stop barking. Over time, a consistent interruption like can force your dog to avoid barking – otherwise it will receive the annoyance again.

You can pick from three kinds of annoyance or interruptions – static (uses a low volt shock), sound (makes use of tones too high for the human ear to hear), and spray (uses a spray of liquid aimed at the area around the dog’s nose). You pick one of these three and a model equipped with one of these types. There are some people who are against the use of static or shock collars on their pets – hence, alternatives were created. The spray type collar, the most common of which is the Citronella spray collar is one of the most effective bark collars for small dogs that’s an alternative to the static type.

Suppose you go with this kind of dog bark collar, the next step is to ensure the collar is supposed to be used on small dogs – you can ask an attendant in a dog supply shop for that, or just carefully read the dog bark collar product descriptions online. You also have to check if the collar’s nodes touch the skin of the throat of your dog. Remember that it is triggered by the sound of its bark as well as the vibration generated by the bark itself. The collar will not activate consistently if the collar slips around. The outcome is reduced chance to training your dog to mend its ways.

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