Barking Collars for Small Dogs – Don’t Let the Collar Slide Around

Are you looking for barking collars for small dogs? Here’s a concise guide. Bark collars work on every kind of dog breed and size there is – from the St. Bernards to the toy dogs that seem fashionable these days. You should remember that a small dog may need a collar that suits its particularly small neck size. An effective bark collar meant for medium sized dogs may slide around the neck of a smaller breed a dog owner mistook for being a snug fit. This could result in the stimulus (static, spray, sound) not activating when the dog barks.

The nodes of the collar’s mechanism should be in contact with the dog’s throat. For collars that both trigger at the dog’s bark and throatal vibrations, this features holds true. The device might not trigger should only a bark be sensed. This means if the dog has been trained to avoid barking due to the stimulus, it could slide right back into its barking habit in the absence of the static.

You could make the dog feel resentful toward the collar should you tightening it beyond comfort. If you want more info, a fellow dog owner is a good source. That’s because a friend’s insights may prove useful, especially if your friend has faced the same problems with his dog. Badly fitting collars could be one of these previous problems he has faced. You could end up with a good recommendation on which bark collar to get.

Contact your vet as well. A dog’s prolonged collar-wearing may pose problems, and your vet will certainly know about it. You don’t want to take chances when you want your dog to be safe and comfortable with its training.

You should look up dog supply online stores to see what bark collars they offer. You’re bound to find the collars meant for small dogs on several online stores’ product pages. You could watch the online videos, if they’re available on the dog supply site, since they offer a short and direct guide for shoppers. Not every product catalogue is packaged concisely and neatly, so the 2-3 minute videos are especially welcomed.

Also, check the customer review portions of the dog supply sites, to see the potential problems you may face with a particular purchase. Going over the thread of reviews will familiarize you with the products even more. There you have it, a short guide when shopping for barking collars for small dogs.

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