Best Ideas for Funny Dog Outfits

Dog clothes have become popular of late because of the way celebrities flaunt their pets in cute outfits. Dogs are not just pets to us now, especially to people like Elle Woods (in the movie Legally Blonde) and Paris Hilton who brings her dog everywhere. Dogs are companions you can dress up in fun or funny costumes. Puppy dogs in particular are a joy to pick clothes for. Here are some recommendations for you if you are looking for funny outfits for your dogs.

Funny Dog Outfits – 3 Ideas

1. Seasonal Clothes (Summer and Spring)
Dog tee shirts are great to have around when the summer season comes in and everyone is wearing a tight tee shirt. Have some shirts custom made for your dog. For the funny part, you can let your dog wear shirts with funny messages

If you’re not into shirts, go for tank tops. Humans use tank tops during summer because they’re good for hot weather. Go for outfits that reflect rather than absorb UV rays from the sun. Other summertime clothes include denims, short dresses (for girls) and swim wear.

2. Owner Dog Combo Outfits
Pattern your dog’s outfit according to what you’re wearing on that day. This is easily done if most of your dresses are custom made. If you have a female dog, you can have dresses for both of you made from the same material. If your dog is male, he can wear a tux when you’re dressed formally. For casual wear, he can wear a plain shirt with shades on. He can dress as your escort to a formal party. You can also buy a fake mustache for him to look more manly.

3. Why Not Accessorize?
If buying dog outfits can be a drain to your budget, simply do with a few outfits and spend a marginal amount on accessories. Any old white shirt on your dog would look unique if he uses a different scarf to match the shirt every day. Hats and bonnets are examples of funny dog accessories to go with his outfits.

Before you decide on some outfits, make sure you fit them on your dog. It is recommended that the fitting must be done with the dog harness on. Go for comfortable materials that you can wear yourself. Outfits that are too tight can make your dogs irritable. If your dog just cannot be persuaded to wear funny clothes, don’t force him.

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