Cat Potty Training

Cats are amazing intelligent creatures that can be trained how to use your toilet when peeing or defecating through cat potty training. While most outdoor cats have no practical use of this as they can just do their thing outside of your house already, this can be quite useful for strictly-indoor pampered cats that usually have no idea where they are. And while a cat who is accustomed to using litter box is already practical as it is, a toilet-trained cat is way better because you don’t have to clean up at all, you have to do is just flush the toilet.

However, litter box training is a prerequisite for cat potty training as you will need the litter box to condition the cat to use the toilet bowl. The first step in cat potty training is moving the cat’s litter box beside the toilet bowl. This will make the cat become accustomed to the bathroom and condition it to poop and pee only in that place. Then after a period of time, gradually elevate the litter box until it is at the same level with the toilet seat. Make sure that you use stable materials as you don’t want your cat to feel insecure while training them.

At this point your cat should be jumping at the toilet seat first before climbing to the cat litter box. When this happens, place the litter box directly on the top of the toilet bowl. Then prepare the next stage of cat potty training by getting a metal mixing bowl that will just fit inside of your toilet bowl. Fill it with litter so that you can clean it afterwards. After a period of time, completely remove the litter box from the top of the toilet seat to train the cat to poop in the metal bowl.

The final stage of cat potty training is teaching the correct posture to the cat when pooping or peeing while sitting in the toilet bowl. Utilize praises and treats to help with the process. Once the cat learns the proper posture and balance without having to touch his foot on the metal bowl, you can remove the bowl from the seat and your cat is now already toilet-trained.