Choosing the Right Type of Dog Food

Occasionally pet owners are faced with a dilemma regarding which variety of pet food to offer their dogs. Dogs themselves will usually have a preference for the moist kinds of food purchased in cans. They’re a lot more aromatic and naturally tempting to the dog’s palate compared to the dry biscuits that comes in a bag. Your dog’s dental well-being, however, relies on your dog being able to gnaw hard and crunchy items and dry foods serve this purpose well. So what’s an owner to do?

Many owners make a two pronged approach when selecting dog food for his or her animals. They will blend a portion of dry food with canned, essentially giving their dog the “best of both worlds.” When you’re giving canned food to your dog, you are going to certainly want to supplement it in some way with something that the dog can chew and crunch. Chew toys and doggie biscuits or treats can help serve this purpose.

Keep in mind that a pet’s wellbeing is greatly dependant on the nutritional worth of the food. A dog is only as healthy as the food that it eats, in many respects. The food you get for your dog should satisfy its dietary requirements as best as possible, whether or not it’s dry or moist. Unfortunately when it comes to dog food you only get what you pay for. Store brands and generic foods tend to be made from inexpensive ingredients and lots of fillers. They’ll feed your pet, however they might not be the best choices for it. The more high-priced brands like Science Diet and Eukanuba which advertise that they are “specially formulated” really, to a certain extent, are. They will have high quality ingredients and are better suitable for your pet’s requirements.

Actually, as long as you are supplying a good method for your dog to work out its teeth on a regular basis, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using moist food or dry. During normal vet checkups a veterinarian will take a look at the pet’s teeth and will advise you if there’s any issue that needs to be remedied by supplying an alternative kind of food or some supplement.

The principal reason why dogs need to be able to chew on hard materials is twofold. It fortifies their teeth and works out the muscles of the jaw, keeping teeth strong and the jaws effective. Additionally, it provides a type of dental care. Owners ought to clean their dogs’ teeth at least twice a week. If this is not possible, however, crunchy food like dog biscuits act as a kind of natural toothbrush for the dog, loosening plaque and tartar and cleansing the teeth.

Selecting the best dog food is vital, both for the pooch’s dietary needs and its good dental health. If you prefer to offer your dog the tastier soft, moist foods that are sold in a can that’s OK, just make sure you’re also providing something for Rover to actually sink his teeth into.

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