Citronella Dog Collar – Shopping for a Reliable Bark Collar?

If you’re looking into citronella anti bark collars, congratulations. That means you’re curious about a specific way to address a bad dog behavior, which is nuisance barking.
To help you in your online window-shopping and eventual purchase, here are tips on choosing and working with citronella anti bark collar.

You need to compare features until you find a good model.
A good bark collar will release its stimulus when it senses (a) a loud noise (your dog’s bark) in conjunction with (2) vibrations from your dog’s throat. This serves to maintain a constant response from the collar itself.
So the collar activates only when your dog barks.

You need to choose the right size. A collar made especially for small dogs will be comfortable and effective on small dogs only; choose wisely.
You need to make sure the nodes on the collar’s device touches your dog’s throat’s skin.
That contact is important for the spray to be triggered only when your dog barks.
A collar that slides around means the nodes won’t be in constant contact with your dog’s throat.
That would mean your dog’s barking will only be interrupted by the spray when the nodes slides to touch your dog’s throat.
From the perspective of dog training that’s not good.
A rule of thumb is for you to be able to slip under the collar, when your dog wears it, two to three fingers.

Point it up, towards the dog’s nose. The spray should be pointed up, otherwise the fluid released by spray will not reach your dog’s sensitive sense of smell. The citronella dog collar can only work if the spray reaches your dog’s nose, so it can be overpower the dog’s sensitive sense of smell.

Take some time to see how the dog reacts to the spray released.
Your dog may hate the collar at first, or maybe you had the collar on too tight.
Or it’s too big and sliding around, and therefore not triggering consistently. These and other scenarios could happen – so watch how your dog gets used to the bark collar.
You should also spend some time playing with your dog, so it gets used to the collar and to your being okay with the dog having the collar.

No electric current to worry about.
Some dog owners contend that a low volt shock – the stimulus released by static correction bark collars, instead of a spray – can harm the dog in the long run.
That’s why there are alternatives that work as effectively as the static correction bark collars – like the citronella dog collar. With a spray collar, your dog is just being exposed to an overly-scented natural chemical that’s harmless.

The batteries need to be checked routinely.
You need to make sure the batteries are all right, otherwise the device on the collar will just be dead-weight.
It’s ideal to go for a model with a long battery life and an easy to plug in recharge procedure.

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