Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs – Effective Tips for Removing Fleas Indoors

Two signs you have a flea infestation at home – flea bites, and pets scratching themselves more often than they usually do.
With rising costs and health worries about chemicals, it may be wise to avoid calling in exterminators – your kids and the flowers may suffer from the chemicals, along with your furniture.
There’s a greener alternative, for sure, like this one – clean the infestation yourself, and use Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs on your pets.

First, go get a vacuum cleaner – it doesn’t have to be too powerful, just as long as it has a vacuum bag inside it.
Since you’ll be moving a lot and reaching into spaces, you need to check if the long cord is untangled.
Vacuum your upholstery meticulously. Some dogs do not like the roating sound a vacuum makes, so either put the to-be-vacuumed stuff in onen place (away from your pets), or keep your pets away as you vacuum.
Also, you’ll be sprinkling Borax on the upholstery, it’s advisable to keep your pets away.

Second, get a box of Borax, punch holes on top of the box, and sprinkle it over the carpet, and carpeted areas, the pet’s bedding, and the upholstery. Sprinkle liberally. The more you do so, the better it is.

Third, find a broom; brush the Borax deeper and into the carpet and everything else you sprinkled it over.
An even cover of Borax is advised.

Fourth, let the Borax rest for forty-five minutes, or longer than that, just to be sure. Some dog owners who do this also notice that the Borax deodorizes the carpet.
So just let it be and wait for dead fleas to show up later.

Fifth, now get the vacuum again, vacuum all those areas with Borax all over them.
Check if you need to put in a new vacuum bag; do so if needed.
You will be vacuuming a lot of dried up dead fleas, hence you may need a new vacuum bag.
When finished, make sure you wrap the vacuum bag in a plastic, seal it, and throw it away.

You want those fleas on your dog to never come back – you want to use Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs on your pet.
If you don’t want pet food mixing and possible disappointment after (when the dog doesn’t like it), then Comfortis it is. It attacks the fleas’ nervous system head on, paralyzing the fleas, ensuring sure death later on. Keep your dog flea-free and healthy, with that month-long protection from reinfestation.

Comfortis shields your dog from reinfestation, even when your dog is actively looking for it or gets exposed to other infested animals.
Comfortis is beef-flavored, a great way to entice your dog to eat treatment, unlike other orally administered solutions you have to grind into pet food.
You won’t have to do such mixing the treatment tablet with food and worrying when the dog doesn’t like it.

When your pet is flea-treated and your home flea-ridden, you effectively provide a good home for your pet.
The routine clean ups you do you’ll need to stick to, religiously, for yours and your dog’s sake.
This includes frequently bathing and grooming your dog and if needed, visits to the vet.

Give Comfortis only to pets as prescribed by a vet

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