Custom Leather Dog Collars For Your Spoiled Pup

It is time to get a new dog collar for your best friend. Leather dog collars are always a good choice. They are available in a multitude of wonderful colors and decked with anything you can dream of.

If you have a petite pooch, your collar should also be petite. That does not mean it has to be boring. You can get hot pink for the girls and red Leather Collars for the boys. There are also a huge selection in browns and blacks that are available in a wide range of prices.

Jewels adorn many of the collars. Some are glass beads, but you can actually find diamond studded if you choose. Just be sure the stones are securely fastened to the collar so your dog does not wind up with them in their tummy. There are also leather collars with metal studs or spikes that you can find. It provides a manly look to an otherwise boring strap of leather.

Personalized collars with metal plaques can be ordered in several stores on line or at your favorite pet store. This does not have to be just your dogs’ name. It can also include emergency information such as the address of your home and your phone number. Dogs can wander and get lost. If someone finds them, it will be much easier to relocate them to their rightful owners if their contact information is right there. The last thing any conscientious dog owner wants is to lose their beloved pet.

Many times owners of larger sized dogs feel the need to have metal collars draped around their dogs’ neck. They feel this gives them more control. Training collars, chain collars are meant for training, not for everyday use. If you train your dog when it comes into your family, they won’t be necessary except for the purpose for which they were intended.

Leather dog collars for that big baby can convey a sign of your personal taste or the character of your dog. The cartoon image of Spike the bulldog with his spiked collar can be overtaken by the pretty large pink collar with the name plaque for the queen of your home. The king can have studs to exhibit his manliness and be just as threatening as one with chains that choke.

The Leather Collars are not just for the little pooches. There are companies that specialize in larger dog collars that feature conchos and equestrian style decorations. You can also get padded collars, which is great for the short haired dogs or adorned with turquoise or other stones.

The endless choices are at your finger tips. A web search will yield more sites than you can check in a day. It depends on what you are trying to convey with your collar and how much you want to spend.

One of the most important features of any collar is the ability to include identification tags either on the collar itself, or with the rabies tag hanging from the collar. The many choices are yours and it is fun to shop all of the great sites and your favorite pet store for quality leather collars.

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