Disrupt and Deter Your Dog’s Bad Barking Habit, with Citronella Collars

If you just moved to a new area, the new neighborhood might take some getting used to, especially for your dog – when it bark all night, at the smallest thing, to the annoyance of your neighbors. That’s a common problem many dog owners have to deal with, particularly when their dogs tend to bark at every small thing – the boy on a passing bike that throws your morning paper at your door, the mail delivery truck pulling close to your house, birds chirping on a tree outside your window, at the sudden movements in your neighbor’s bushes, at every small thing. What you could do in this situation is to get a Citronella collars to train your dog to stop barking.

Of the three types of bark collars, and you might find the Citronella variant to be the least discomforting (for your dog, that is) and the most effective. You need a way to keep distracting your dog so it won’t always keep barking; this kind of training is possible. A spray type dog collar like the Citronella collar is enough to keep annoying your dog every time it barks; over time, it will be deterred from barking.

According to some studies, an ultrasonic bark collar, another type of collar for curbing unwanted barking, may not be as effective on all breeds of dogs The only other dog bark collar that’s reported to be as effective as Citronella dog collars is the static correction variety, which sends out a low volt shock instead of either a sound or a spray.

You dog should be fitted with a properly-sized bark collar. Most brands offer a range of models for various dog sizes. You can always check online dog supply stores for the sizes that match your dog’s. One way to see if you have the right collar size for your dog is to put the collar on your dog’s neck and slip two to three fingers inside the collar. You neither want to choke your dog with a small collar nor get a collar that’s slides around its neck. The aim is for the nodes of the collar’s device to be in contact with your dog’s throat when it is worn.

The Citronella spray itself is not toxic, having been derived from the Citronella plant. This liquid is released by a spray pointed at your dog’s snout. Once your dog barks, the bark collar will activate and your dog will hear a burst of water and a scent that overwhelms, but not harms, his sensitive nose. In time your dog will learn that an unpleasant experience follows his every bark.

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