Dog Bark Collar – Because Training Your Dog to Stop Barking Excessively is Your Responsibility

Is your dog barking too loudly, too often, and non-stop? If you’re losing sleep over that, so are your neighbors. You could get evicted if you’re renting your home. It’s sad, but some dog owners, because of this bad barking behavior, tend to not spend as much time as they did before with their dogs. If your dog loves spending time on the park, or on long walks with you, that dog is in for some disappointment.

Dogs want your attention, and they do it through barking

Spending less time with them just worsens the problem since dogs will also use their barking to get your to spend time with them. At night, when they bark loud enough to wake half the block, you get up from bed and come to their side – so their behavior of barking is getting rewarded with your attention. That’s the pattern dogs will keep trying to bring about. The cycle will continue until you do something.

Sounds, shadows, birds, raccoons, cats, other dogs, things moving in the bush

Dogs also bark at stimulus in their vicinity. This could include anything “happening” in, near, and around your house – other dogs, birds on trees, the loud engine of cars, cats in the bushes. Even if you’re an overprotective owner, it’s not possible for you to always be the one to shoo away other animals; there’s nothing you can do to mute the sound of a truck, too.

Use an dog bark collar to stop your dog’s barking habit

Dreaming of not been woken up in the middle of the night by that barking? Want to spend a quiet day at the park with your dog? There’s a way to do that. A bark never really stands alone, it is preceded and followed by more. It’s a habit one can break by using a dog bark collar. You’ll notice, when you get a no bark collar for your dog, how it interrupts each bark. Over time, there’ll be no more barking.

How bark collars work: the stimulus-response theory

All no bark collar work on the same principle. The collar has a waterproof device powered by a battery. It triggers when your dog barks, releasing a static shock, a scented spray, or a jarring tone depending on the model you choose. It’s like being slapped on the wrist every time you reach out to the cookie jar. The more annoying and irritating the slap, the more the dog refrains from barking.

No bark collars – the effective types

There have been some studies comparing, on many types of dogs, the effects of all three collar stimulus types – spray, sound, and static. The results found the static and the spray type to be the more effective deterrent to nuisance barking. Static types release a low volt shock that’s gentle and painless but annoying to your dog. The spray type releases a scented, harmless chemical to overwhelm your dog’s sensitive nose.

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