Dog Bark Collar – Don’t Get Angry at Your Dog

Instead of getting stressed out at your dog’s non-stop barking, get a dog bark collar.
Barking is a dog’s natural way of expressing itself – they bark to assert territory, to frighten other animals, to sound an alarm at an unknown person’s presence.
That’s all fine and well, you’d say, except when the barking gets on your very nerves.
You may come home tired from work only to be met by a neighbor with a complaint – your dog has been barking non-stop while you were away. The same intrusive, incessant, annoying barking may happen in the middle of the night – when you and everyone else has packed it in for the night, with work awaiting you the following morning.

A reasonable dog owner would of course proceed to thinking about the causes of the bark-fest – when it happens, what’s present when it happens, what preceded that barking, and such – with thoughts on how to address it.
If your dog reportedly barks for stretches of time while you’re away, it could be it’s bored, it’s hungry (perhaps the timed feeding quantities need to be increased), or there are external stimuli that’s stressing it out. Have you checked whether any large vehicles, like a truck, routines passes by your house during your office hours?
(About that, you could always ask your neighbor.)

Could there be some animals that tries to get in or near your home?
These could range from other people’s pet cats and dogs, stray animals that sneak into your yard, birds on the trees, and so on.
So you can observe these for yourself, you might need to stay at home during weekdays, or spend weekends only at home.

You have to understand that maybe your dog just wants some of your attention – so maybe that barking that annoys people is its way to get your attention.
Some dog owners do not notice the plunge in the quantity of time they spend with their dogs. Its’ expected to be missed, therefore, by your dog.
But giving it attention – frowned and furious at that – immediately after a loud, annoying barking spree may send a wrong message. That extra attention can be gotten by barking – even when you’re mad at it. Suppose you don’t get mad, that you instead shower it with hugs and treats?
If the barking stops that way, you need to be prepared for it to start all over again – it’s at best a temporary solution.
But between chores, getting some rest, extra work, and unwinding, you might not be able to smuggle in some time with your pet, apart from just feeding and grooming it.
Unless you rewrite your schedule or hire a dog trainer, the only way to get faster results would be to but a dog bark collar.
You don’t have to buy it at a dog supply store – you can choose one and order online right now.

What a barking collar is is a wait-and-annoy device.
When your dog barks, it interrupts that otherwise unstopped loud session with a low volt shock, an overwhelming scent, or a high pitched sound (your choice of interruption). Over time you’re dog will link its barking with the annoyance, and will want to avoid barking completely.
This way you can still shower your dog with attention, treats, hugs, play time (no hunting for racoons, no need to see your neighbors, no days off required, no more angry sessions).

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