Dog Barking Collars – Your Partner in Pet Discipline

Everyone loves a disciplined dog. Surely, it is a big issue to be too occupied with doggy stuff when there are also other things to look after to. It is both annoying and embarrassing for dog owners to be a master of a pet which they can’t control.

Bear in mind, however, that it is in a dogs nature to bark. They bark when they’re happy, sad, angry, surprised or in need. It is the only way of verbal communication and one must first find out the reasons behind a dogs non-stop barking. In such cases where barking is too annoying, there are several ways to discipline a pet which adhere to today’s trend of being a more humane community. And yes, bark collars are the most affordable and most readily obtainable method of pet behavior training and needed discipline. Take a look of these three types of dog barking collars accessible in many pet stores, each with its own method of controlling the dog in what masters wanted it to be.

The static collar is triggered through a microphone by a particular pitch and tone of barking. It then sends a small electric current to the dog to surprise it and interrupt its barking. This kind of bark collars is believed to be most effective as most dogs can easily learn to link the feeling of the static shock with its barking, hence making them realize that that behavior is not proper to its master.

The ultrasonic collar works in a way similar to the static collar except that instead of sending an electric shock, it emits a high-pitched sound that is audible only to the dog’s sensitive sense of hearing. It is of course not good for them and, as with the static collar, leads them to associate the discomfort from the noise with their barking. This type of dog barking collar is also said to be effective to a certain way.

The citronella collar is also triggered by barking. It then sprays the dog’s face with a small amount of citronella oil, just enough to surprise them and disrupt the barks. This tpe of collar is considered very effective too for it affects four of the dogs senses (smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling). This type of bark collar is safe to your dog since it doesn’t harm the dog physically – there is no pain and there are no chemicals.

Each dog can be treated differently and the means to discipline are not always similar with each pooch. Remember that as humans, we are responsible for our pets. There is no harm in consulting first with someone who knows more than we do before we practice methods of discipline.

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