Dog Beds: Exactly What You Should Know On How To Find Quality Dog Beds

There are many dog beds you can buy from a local pet shop or through online pet shops that sell them. Although you can find low-priced dog beds on the internet, a few of them might not last long and can even be harmful to your pet dog if they don’t get replaced.

Filler Material

This is probably the most important factor you should consider when buying dog beds for large dogs. There are 2 types of dog bed filler material – solid foam and stuffing. The three most commonly used filler material for dog beds are solid foam filler, polyester foam, and medical grade filler.

Solid foam fillers are usually used in mattress canine beds which is great for big. The amazing thing about solid foam fillers is that just like our bed mattresses, the bounce and firmness of the dog bed is based on the density and firmness of the foam filler.

Polyester foam fillers makes use of polyester foam which is great because the dog bed won’t become flat when used. Also ask if the foam has baffled chambers which prevents the foam from being shifted around.

Orthopedic foam is the commonly used medical grade foam filler for dogs which have bone and joint problems like arthritis or hip dysplasia. Orthopedic dog beds typically use memory foam which helps support your dog’s body and relieves the pain they’re going through.

Other things to consider when looking for quality dog beds are the dog bed covers and zipper. When you go to your local pet shop or shopping on the internet, ask if the dog bed cover is water resistant, stain resistant, and machine washable. These qualities will help prevent the dog bed from being wet and prevent bad smelling odor from sticking to it, and also help keep away bacteria and viruses as well. Also look for a self-repairing synthetic zipper. This type of zipper “repairs” itself when it is closed.

Apart from water resistant dog beds, you can also get raised outdoor dog beds which are also waterproof. Raised outdoor dog beds are dog beds that are slightly elevated from the ground so that your dog does not get dirty and wet if they want to sleep outside which helps them avoid getting sick as well.

Apart from these qualities, you also should think about your dog’s size, sleeping habits and positions, and age to know exactly what type of dog bed you need to get.

Just keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to buy the most expensive dog bed you can get. You just need to know what makes a quality dog bed and what you need to know before getting one for your furry friend. If you’re trying to look for quality dog beds check out this dog beds site and know more about other kinds of dog beds as well.

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