Dog Door – Is Your Dog Always Asking to be Let Out?

Cathy loves her dog, Mark, a Labrador. But she was tired of having to get up from what she was doing just to let the dog out of the house. Mark has his own ways of persuading, or annoying, Cathy – he follows him wherever she goes in the house. Certainly, this is not as annoying as the other habits of other dogs. Just the same, Cathy wanted something done. After some online search, she found what she feels is the solution to her problem. Cathy started looking into dog doors.

There were, as she found out, many kinds of dog doors available on the market: automatic, wall-mounted, door-mounted, etc. The easiest to install, and what fits her needs, was a door-mounted type, with two flaps. When buying this kind of dog door, you have to keep in mind how tall your dog is, how thick the door you’ll install it in, and perhaps the weather where you live.

It’s not incredible difficult to install a dog door all by yourself. You’re going to need some tool to use in the installation process – unless of course you choose to have the door installed by someone else. These tools include a drill or a screwdriver, a level, a cutting device, a measuring tape, pencil, and drywall saw. The company from whom you bought the dog door most likely has online videos on how to carry out the installation. Also, read the installation manual.

You always have the option to hire a handyman to handle the installation for you.

Just so you know, there are at least three disadvantages to having flaps in your dog door. One, any animal can get in and out. There’s always a possibility that another, a neighbouring or lost, animal may wander inside your house through the flap. Second is that they could be a source of indoor heat loss. Third, if someone plays a prank and seals the flap on the dog door, your dog may not be able to get in or out.

An electronic dog door can be an answer to this. This kind of pet door uses a collar that the door can sense when nearby. The moment the dog is near the dog door, the door opens automatically.

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