Dog Doors – Why You Need to Read Customer Reviews

You may get annoyed when you get frequents interruptions – your dog wants to go out to the yard, your dog wants to come back inside the house, over and over. If you have no pet door installed in your home, this could be a problem, since you’ll have to keep letting your dog in and out of the house. It’s time to look into dog doors. Here is a short article on selecting a suitable doggy door.

Find out your dog’s height and weight. It’s easy to find website that list product descriptions, features, and prices of many dog door models. Find some info on recommended size ranges, which sometimes includes breeds, since St. Bernard’s won’t fit into dog doors for smaller breeds.

Where do you want the doggy door installed? You can have several dog doors installed if you like, which is good if you have a big enough house or several dogs.
It’s important to know what type of door your have, and where you want your dog door installed.

Be clear what kind of dog door you need. The basic dog flap, which opens in and out, is acceptable to many dog owners. But there are those who want more security with their doggy doors – which is essentially another egress in their home. That’s why automatic dog doors are also popular; there are three types – magnetic, radio transmission type, and one that relies on a microchip on your pet. All of these variants open only when your pet is close to the dog door.

Worried about energy loss? If you live in cold climate regions, you naturally have in-house heating, which could be affected by a dog flap not securely closed. There are insulated dog doors for that – it is comprised of a tunnel and at least two (2) dog flaps. On one end of the tunnel the dog walks into the flap and for a moment occupies the tunnel; the flap closes and the dog walks into the other flap, so that the tunnel space is always “closed.” That’s a good way to curb energy loss in the home.

Search online for customer reviews. By doing so, you gain a sense of what customers expect from dog doors and which models fail to satisfy. It’s assured you’ll be scanning a mixture of complaints and praises; it’s good to keep an open mind about the products reviewed, since a customer who may not have installed them correction or misunderstood the instructions wrote the review. In sum, you will be exposed to both the positive and the negative reviews.

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