Dog Fence – Why Traditional Fences Just Won’t Do

You want to keep your dog in your yard? When you have a dog fence installed, you gain space for your dog to roam free in, without doing massive changes to your property. Of course, you can still get a wooden or linked chain fence, instead of a modern dog fence.

Going the way of the traditional fence means digging up your yard or garden yourself and making or buying the fence posts themselves. Add to that renting out digging equipment and paying for hired labor. Or you could hire a contractor and it will cost more. If your house is found in areas where there’s shared space, old trees getting in the way, or other structure, this could get messy – you may need to get permission to remove those or build through, over, or around them.

If you live in areas where such physical fence installation is forbidden, then you have a problem – you won’t get such physical fence installed. If you rent, the same problem persists – your contract may prohibit you from performing such landscape-changing remodeling. You many want to seriously consider the modern dog fence.

A modern dog’s fence differs from a traditional one in many ways.

One other name by which the modern fence is known is an invisible fence; here’s why. A length of wires buried underground and lining up a perimeter within your property, that’s one essential part of it. A device broadcasts radio signals through those wires, with the broadcast detected by a receiver collar on your dog. When your dog comes too close to the boundary wires, the receiver sounds off a warning tone, which is followed by a shock when your dog tries to move past the boundaries.

You don’t need brawn or a handyman, since you can install the modern dog’s fence yourself. You can draw your property on paper, to anticipate any problems while laying the wires a few inches underground. Before you train your dog, you need to snugly fit the receiver collar on its neck.

Your dog can’t scale, dig under, or claw a modern dog’s fence – since there’s no physical barrier. With a wooden fence, your dog can still try to claw it up. Any dog may still try, despite possible injury, to climb over a fence – any physical fence for that matter. And there’s also the amount of damage to your yard or garden a dog can do either in an attempt to dig its way out or just out or boredom. But with a modern invisible fence, you won’t have any of these worries.

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