Dog Training Collar – Because Your Dog Should Learn to Behave

It’s not going to be happen in a snap of a finger, but it can happen – your dog can learn. A dog training collar is not like an ointment you rub on the surface and wait for the symptoms to subside – your dog’s problem behavior won’t go away on its own. The dog’s getting used to its new collar should be the first item on your list to worry about. You would also have to find out how to get the best out of the collar, so your expectations are aligned with your actions. But before you even dive into those worries, you need to shop for a dog training collar first, and that means deciding on a design, features, size, and price range.

Surfing and browsing one website after another is the fastest way to get some info on dog training collars and even compare features and prices. Of course, some just phone their vets or dog owner friends about this – but you miss out on the product reviews customers provide, which you can read on websites. So now you see how important online research is in this endeavor – if you’re lucky you could get some discounts.

You still need to train your dog with the training collar though, and that’s one problem some owners face – lack of time. But if you really love your dog, the added work and extra time spent on training is worth it – more peace of mind for you, fewer scratched furniture, and your dog won’t be putting itself in danger by chasing anything that moves. There’s probably a super list of dog problems out there, one compiling just about every bad dog’s habit, but you only need to deal with your dog’s bad habits, remember that.

The key benefit behind the use of a dog training collar is the instantaneous correction that’s possible from a distance – when your dog misbehaves, you can interrupt it. This annoyance is actually the needed interruption that can be pulled off from a distance, so there’s no more need to shout and yell and get angry at your dog the way it’s normally done. Compared to a normal bark collar, which only activates per bark (and good only for correcting unwanted barking), a remote collar can be used to correct any bad dog behavior. The moment you see your dog just about to do a bad deed or has just finished one, you can immediately punish there and then.

Common procedures are followed when you’re trying to get your dog accustomed to its new dog collar. The checks include making sure the collar is both snug-fit comfortably – check if the collar slips around. Be sure the nodes on the device touches your dog’s throat’s skin. This facilitates a consistent activation of the collar’s shock through your transmitter. Make sure the stimulation setting on the collar is set to the lowest if you’re only introducing your dog to the shock collar.

Over time your dog will inevitably link the causal sequence – if it barks, the bark is followed by an annoying static correction. Such results can be obtained but only after some time is spent with your dog.

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