Dog Training Collars – How to Decide Which to Buy

When you compare features of dog training collars, remember that not all these features match your needs. So how can you tell which features fit your needs? This article is your short guide when you shop for dog training collars.

Varying ranges – decide if you need short, medium, or long range

Short, medium, and long distance are the usual choices for transmission range. Short if you’re letting your dog roam the yard, medium if you’re taking your dog out on the park, and long if you’ll be bringing your hunting dogs to the hunting grounds or working dogs out on the farm.

Ruggedness – the collars should survive getting soaked, the transmitter getting dropped

You may have hunting, working dogs, or merely some small toy dogs running around your backyard, but it’s comforting to know the collar will still work when wet. Some dog owners watch helplessly as their pets run back indoors when it rains, and soaks the house carpet. It’s not uncommon to find some dogs that stay outdoors, despite the rain. With a waterproof collar, you can still send a signal, if you’ve trained them well, to call them back.

Choose rechargeable not replaceable batteries, so you won’t keep buying new ones

Being waterproof and being rugged are closely related aspects that have to do with battery life. Make sure the device the device doesn’t have a lot of parts that can be removed – because it can better survive getting soaked that way. That means you need collars that have batteries don’t need to be yanked out, as with a kid’s toy, when it needs recharging. When the power indicator says battery low, just plug in the collars into any outlet and come for them later.

Docking station – dock and so something else

Although collars often come with power cords and recharging units, it’s often good to have a dock. It’s more of a cradle recharging station, neat to look at, and helps keep things tidy. Fewer wires to see lying about, that’s why. The price of course can be affected by getting such an item. You can opt to not get a docking station if you’ve read some customer reviews that the dock doesn’t speed charge; if so, then better to just plug in the items to a normal outlet. Best to check with different models in case the added features appeal to you.

Expandable collar count – in you want more collars, or you get more pets

You’ll notice which packages (transmitter and collar/s) come with single or more collars, and which ones can accommodate more collars – these are the expandable types. When you decide to either get more collars, or get more dogs, the foregoing tips will certainly be of use to you. Some farmers or hunters, satisfied with some brands, tend to get more collars. It could happen, you never know.

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