Electric Dog Collar – Choosing a Remote Dog Trainer

Face it, it can be complex to shop for a good electric dog collar – but you can make it easier.
Not all of these models have the same features since not every dog owner has the same needs – farm dog and working dog owners have different needs for a small dog owner.
When you narrow down what you need that remote collar to do for you, that’s when choosing one gets easier. This article can help you choose the right one.

Pay attention to the range you need – short, medium or long

What a hunter with several medium-sized dogs on a large hunting ground needs is not what a mother of two and a small dog in a backyard needs. Clearly range is a defining factor in choice here. The remote electric dog collars usually offered are marked with range options – short, medium, and long. Letting your dog roam your backyard would only mean you need a short ranged collar. Taking your dog out on the park would need medium range. If you have working or sheep or hunting dogs, that means a large farm or hunting grounds – long range for you then. Rule of thumb right there – the distance dictates the transmitter and collar package.

Ergonomic /Slim Profile – avoid bulky-looking, awkward to hold devices

In a time of small and hand form factor and ergonomic cellular phones, you want a transmitter and collar package that’s small, unobtrusive. The collar should not be so bulky it annoys the dog, the transmitter easy to use and hold it’s good in your hand. Go for a transmitter that’s easy on your hand – you can check out online reviews discussing products or visit a dog supply shop.

Make sure the buttons are easy to press and the functions labeled clearly

You want buttons on the transmitter to be easy to push and their functions easy to read, apart from the controls themselves being easy to figure out. You should pick a transmitter with buttons that are easy on the pressing finger, and with controls that are easy to understand. You can read this from various product reviews when you search dog supply sites and when you inspect products in actual supply stores.

Designed to be waterproof- make sure the units function even when it gets soaked

If you found a transmitter that’s good to handle, you might as well ask if transmitted and collar are both waterproof. Drop the transmitter accidentally or spill coffee on it – not a problem, it will survive and function. Even if the dog runs under a sudden rain or gets soaked in a lake, the collar should still function. For those who own hunting dogs, this feature is a must.

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