Electric Dog Collars – Instil Some Obedience in Your Dog

Some who think Electric Dog Collars are inhumane forms of obedience training seem to think the goal is to instil lessons through much pain. The aim is always to interrupt your dog’s bad behavior – barking, chewing on furniture, etc. The more times the dog is annoyed at the interruption, the more chances it will remember when it receives such interruptions.

It must be kept in mind that pain administered is nowhere near debilitating. The level of shock the dog under training receives is no more painful than static electricity from a carpet. Many responsible dog owners already institute this type of obedience regimen.

There are two types of shock collars. One is triggered by your dog’s bark and his signature vibration. This set up makes sure a loud truck or an airplane flying overhead do not set off the collar. The other kind is triggered remotely, via radio signals from a transmitter. The remote type can be used to “punish” many types of behaviour, unlike the bark-activated one, which is limited to deterring barking.

Bad behavior can range from dangerous ones (chasing vehicles) to annoying, destructive ones (chewing up shoes and plants).
The quick succession between bad behavior and unpleasant stimuli, experienced by the dog, pays off over time. Other types of training have also benefited from the use of remote electric collars. Agility training, pet containment, and hunting are some of these regimen.

The idea of interrupting your dog’s behavior is to discourage it from ever engaging in them in the first place – a principle shared by other types of no bark collars. The types are sprays, ultrasonics, and vibration.

The remote control in your hands allows you to instantly interrupt whatever problem behavior your dog is showing.
Over time, you will appreciate the use of Electric Dog Collars, especially the problem behaviors stop manifesting.

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