Feed Your Pet Organic Dog Food

If you’d like your pet to feel better, lose, weight, have a shiner coat and even better breath, stop feeding him commercial dog food and switch to organic dog food.

Just like humans who switch to eating natural and organic foods report dramatic improvement in health and energy, so do our pets. Commercial pet food is animal byproducts and not subject to near the same levels of quality control as it should be. Organic dog food is healthy and provides fresh nutrients not contaminated by chemicals and preservatives.

Many decide to make home-made organic dog food for a selection of reasons. Some dogs and cats have food sensitivities, some have special medical conditions which make it mandatory, and other dog owners desire a that their dogs are eating a good, balanced meal.

This is particularly true after the current pet deaths and pet food recalls from tainted dog food.

Actually, the best way to know what your dog eats is to make your own homemade healthy organic dog food. But before beginning switching your dog over to dog food that’s homemade, be absolutely certain to meet up with your veterinarian. It is often recommended to continuously leap from commercial pet food to natural dog food because your pets bowels may not evolve well to a sudden change.

When it comes to buying ingredients for your homemade dog food, look for fresh, organic ingredients that will end up in the best tasting and most healthy dog food. Dogs will need a balance of protein, fats, grains, and certain plants.

A well-balanced diet is mandatory because a dog fed too much protein can cause joint issues brought on by a disequilibrium in their calcium and phosphorous ratios. The grains and veggies are also mandatory because your dogs ancestors ate a diet comprised of uncooked meat, grasses, and grains.

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