Four Easy Steps to Stop Dogs Barking

If you own many dogs, it can be a headache when they start barking all at the same time. It can happen anytime, such as when as loud vehicle passes by your house, or when a cat is nearby. But the outcome is the same, annoying group barking. The situation is a migraine if you love silence in the house. Below are some steps to help you stop dogs from barking

1. Spend some time with your dogs. This will allow you to see what events or situations trigger their simultaneous and incessant barking. Based on what you observe, you can decide on your next step. This includes whether you can change your surroundings to move your dogs away from stimulus

3. Shop for a bark collar for your dogs Although there are outdoor installations that can deter your dogs from barking, the problem is you can’t take it with you when you go out to walk your dogs. These installations are designed to stay fixed. The alternative is to use a no bark collar on each of your dogs.

3. The right size and type matters You want to get the proper size for each of your dogs, so it pays to note them down. Collars are available in small, medium, and large. The three types of deterrent systems to choose from are spray, static, and ultrasonic. A collar, depending on the type, may emit a high-pitched sound, a harmless spray, a tone, a vibration, or a low-voltage shock.

4. Start spending time to train your dogs Your dogs might not be comfortable wearing collars, so don’t leave them unsupervised while wearing it. Over time, increase the dogs’ collar wear time, so they get used to it. Note changes in their behaviour, whether they spend time trying to take off the collar, or if they’ve adapted to the intensity setting of the collar’s stimulus.

To check if everything right on track you may want to ask your vet if your training your dogs right. It’s also a wise policy to not dispose of the instructions and read them carefully. Observe these steps closely to stop dogs from barking.

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