Giving New Puppy Gift Baskets

Do you know someone who recently got a new puppy or dog? Rather than calling and congratulating them, pick out or put together a new puppy gift baskets. It is an excellent gift and dog lovers will appreciate either putting together a dog basket yourself or buying one with delicious treats for your new pooch, and of course items for the owner to help them care for their new addition to the family. You can even buy one based on the breed, which of course is even more unique. Therefore, if you know someone who just got a new puppy, you could have lots of chew toys in the basket, piddle pads, and even a new puppy handbook for the receiver.

Everyone appreciates baskets and dog owners love receiving gift baskets for dogs because they are tailored just for the dog and the items inside are all dog related, but still gifted in a beautiful basket. Truly, you cannot go wrong when it comes to getting someone you know a new dog or puppy basket. You can choose baskets that have plush toys, which are usually more suitable for adult dogs because puppies tend to chew plush toys to shreds. Therefore, if you are buying a gift basket for someone who just adopted a puppy, make sure the chew toys are solid, larger puppies have very strong jaws and eating little pieces of plastic from the chew toys is not healthy.

Sometimes with Dog Gift Baskets, you can specify what you want included, which is useful since you wouldn’t get a twenty pound puppy the same types of toys as you would a five pound puppy. To get the pooch off to a great start, you could choose yummy treats that do not contain preservatives.. There are large-breed and small-breed baskets as well as small baskets and large baskets. Some of the baskets are big enough to include trial size bags of dog food so that the puppy is off to a good start. Additionally, with the smaller pups and short haired dogs, you might consider adding some sweaters if you think the owner plans on having their pup wear clothes. Of course, do not forget a leash and collar, which also make great additions to the basket. New puppy baskets come in various sizes and price ranges, you can find one for just about any budget and you can spend as much or as little as you want. This is a cool way to show your excitement when you know somebody who is adopting a new puppy. You can be sure of one thing, both the puppy and the owner will appreciate everything that is in the basket, who enjoys it more is anyone’s guess! Shop around online as there are several retailers that are especially for dog baskets, where you will find the perfect one for your gift.

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