Homemade Dog Food Your Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to be sure that you are offering your dog the best food to keep him healthy and strong? If you want to be sure that you will keep your dog healthy and strong, you have to give it time and attention. You have to follow variety of homemade dog food recipes.

These homemade dog food recipes are sure ways to let your dog be healthy and strong. You can cook these recipes at your home and your dogs will surely love the combination of healthy and delicious food all in one.

The variety in recipes that you can cook will help you control the meals served. You will be able to ensure that the foods you serve your dog are clean and served with nutritional benefits in tact. Your dog will have healthy skin and coat, strong and lean and will surely be able to avoid diseases.

What are the hommade dog food recipes that you can serve to your dog? In this article, we will give you a couple of homemade dog food recipes, which you can serve to your dog occasionally. Before we move on, while serving homemade dog food to your best friend is good, you can combine it with occasional feeding of raw meaty bones will be quite helpful as well.

Occasional commercial dog food may help but that won’t be too much important. Here are two of the homemade dog recipes that you can test on!

Doggy Hamburger Helper

Ingredients: hamburger meat (stir fried in canola oil), boiled eggs (chopped), plain oatmeal (cooked), jar of baby green beans, baby food carrots and cottage cheese. Mix all the ingredients and dish it all up at room temperature

Remember that in the recipe you have to use baby food vegetables. The reason is that most of the vegetables may cause your pet to suffer from gas and digestive problems. This is often discomforting and may cause your dog to be weak.

If you’re thinking to ditch the vegetable part in your pet’s diet, well, you shouldn’t. Vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. In order for your dog to be healthy and strong, we must provide them with vegetables. We are just using the baby vegetables in order for us to avoid the gas and digestive problems that we may encounter once we use vegetables in our homemade dog food recipe.

Doggy Casserole

Ingredients: boiled chicken (chopped), brown rice (cooked), boiled mixed vegetables and chicken broth (unsalted). Mix all the ingredients and serve them at room temperature. Make sure that you have cooked the food well.

You may replace the chicken with salmon if you want to from time to time. Unused portions should be covered and be placed inside the refrigerator.

Having to serve hommade dog food recipes will let your dog absorb all the nutrition they need. You may also give your pet vitamin supplements which will also help in letting your dog be healthy and strong.

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