How to Properly Pamper your Pooch

Custom Leather Dog Collars and Doggie Jewelry

Many dog owners like putting cute looking dog collars on their dogs and some even like to dress their canine companion in bling by giving them crystal collars, others feel nothing but the real thing is good enough for their little darling. Just imagine walking your dog in this day and age with $100,000.00 worth of jewels around her neck. Of course, most dog owners don’t go quite that far to spoil their dog, but there are numerous good ways to spoil your best friend.

Throw Your Dog a Surprise Birthday Party

One of the latest pet spoiling trends is to throw them a dog birthday party. It has become highly acceptable to attend these events where the birthday cake is made completely with food that is healthy and good tasting to dogs. Sometimes, there will even be a smaller cake for the human guests. Everyone brings gifts for the guest of honor. While you can host an indoor party, many people prefer to have these partes take place outside so the guests can have room to jump around and play.

Other Cool Ways to Spoil Your Dog

There are several other ways of spoiling dogs as well. Purchasing dog apparel, designer leather dog collars complete with rhinestones, cute designer beds, and even private dog spas are all excellent ways that these dogs get pampered and spoiled. Often times these canine’s live the good life and the owner enjoys footing the bill because nothing is too good for their little darling.

The Worst Way to Spoil a Pet

There is another way that some people spoil their dogs as well and there is nothing cute or funny about it because it makes the pup a danger to others and often to himself.

This sort of spoiling is when a dog is not correctly cared for or trained. Dogs who jump up on everybody they see especially the larger dogs are a nuisance and can seriously harma small child or an elderly person. While you might think it is cute when your lab or malamute greets you at the door by jumping on you and putting his paws on your chest, guests to your home could find this kind of behavior intimidating and he could easily knock someone down who is small or less than sturdy on their feet resulting in injury.

If your dog is not socialized properly it can also result in spoiling in your dog in a negative way. A non socialized dog who is thrust into a strange situation may become anxious and even aggressive resulting in injury to other animals or people. This may result in a lot of out of pocket money to you and in rare cases when a dog causes repeated injury he could be put to death.

There are many ways to spoil a dog but not making sure he is properly trained or socialized should not be one of them. Teaching your dog to be well behaved, listen to commands, walk correctly on a leash, and respect other animals and people will allow him to go almost anywhere you do safely and happily. Isn’t that the proper way to spoil your dog?

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