Instil Some Doggie Discipline, with a Spray Bark Collar

Sometimes news about successfully trained dogs leak, such as those about dogs who won’t even yap at trucks, cats, and movements among bushes. Each dog is unique, a fact dog owners must come to understand. A dog’s personality is a product of his upbringing and interaction. But even if you can’t turn your dog into a meek sheep, you can still curb that incessant barking with a bark collar.

This article covers some quick info on bark collars in general, and some reasons why a spray bark collar may be the type you should get.

For dogs who tend to bark uncontrollably, bark collars are a reliable way to train them to cut down such behavior. If you own a dog that barks at every little thing, and even odd ours at night, then you know how incessant barking can be a problem. To tame down your dog, you might consider getting a bark collar. Unfortunately, most dogs do not see their barking in the context of embarrassment and nuisance sounds; the way we do. A dog’s habit of barking is meant to be interrupted by a bark collar. With some training, your dog will learn to associate the interruption with his barking, and avoid barking altogether.

One of the three types of bark collars is the spray bark collar. The other types are the ultrasonic and the static variety, which use a high-pitched sound and a low volt shock, respectively. The chemical in the spray bark collar is extracted from Citronella.

The extract is natural, and harmless. The plant and its extract are non-toxic. Once the spray collar is fit snugly on your dog’s neck, the spray will do its job. When your dog barks, it will hear the burst of spray, smell the sudden invasive scent, and be distracted from his barking habit – the menace behavior you want to get rid of. The spray bark collar is safe for all breeds of dogs. You should of course get the collar that fits your dog’s breed and neck size.

If you had any doubts the barking could stop, wait till you use a spray collar – your dog will learn to stop barking. But to render it as docile as a sheep may not be possible with every dog. With a spray spray bark collar on, and some training time and play time with you, your dog will soon be barking less.

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