No Bark Collar – Are Static Collars Really Harmful to Your Pet?

There are ways to stop your dog from barking like a madman howling the end days. You can always shop for a good no bark collar and observe as your dog gets used to the interruption to its barking spree. Over time the barking stops, since the dog finds the stimulation of a static correction too annoying to go through. A static collar is one of the most popular and most effective ways to discipline a dog with a barking problem; but fears about using them on dogs persists – these collars are said to actually harm pets, despite the absence of conclusive proof behind that claim.

Electrical shocks and how it can affect your dog

The shock produced by a static collar is a mechanism no different from two others – spray and sound; these are the two other types of stimulus a no bark collar releases. Sound uses ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear. Studies seem to support the claim that the static and the spray type are of equal effectiveness in stopping dogs from barking.

Online you’ll find a lot of short videos allegedly showing how painful the shock of collars can be to people, and by extension, to dogs. Often only casually filmed, with shots of family members and friends just about to get shocked with a collar they’re holding. When the step outside the boundaries they get shocked. They yell is shock, but human reaction could be exaggerated.

There is one fact some dog owners find hard to swallow – that the current released by a static collar is only as annoying as the static one feels when rubbing one’s bare feet on the carpet.

The level of shock stimulation can be adjusted

The setting the static collar comes with is just a default setting – usually set on the lowest – but it can be adjusted; increased or decreased as you see fit. Usually this starts with the lowest level. Should the dog show signs of getting used to the level, enough to ignore it, then the stimulation level should be increased. You have to observe well at which settings the dog ceases to bark, and keep there for some time. The shocks stop being emitted as soon as the dog stops barking, so this is not torture, just inconvenience on the dog’s part.

There’s a recommended alternative to static shocks – the spray collar

The fear for one’s pet’s welfare is often linked to personal experience with shock, that’s how some dog owners analyze these bits of information. You could always choose another kind of collar if you’re not been convinced of the foregoing. You can still choose a no bark dog collar that does not use a static stimulation. Product choice means competition and that’s good. Take note here that the spray type of collar, the most common of which is the Citronelle variety, is said to be just as efficient as the static type of collar.

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