No Need to Erect Physical Fences, with an Electronic Dog Fence

Many owner are worried when their dog leaves and they are forced to look for it. They may come back day after day, but what they come back with wounds? Worse, they may never come back at all. One effective way of keeping your dog at home, while giving him room to roam, is to install a dog fence. If you’re still worried this kind of pet containment system might not be worth the money, here’s how it works as well as the benefits to consider.

There really is no physical fence

The principle behind setting up an electronic dog fence is to prevent your dog from leaving the area. It may be possible to keep your dog from leaving your house, if you lock him in, the same effect a physical, prison-like, fence is said to achieve. But one would have to properly dig up and set in the beams in the surrounding area. Even if you set it up to be electrically charged, that’s impractical in urban settings – not to mention dangerous.

The practical alternative is for electronic fences. This set up can work in several ways. Many electric fence set ups simply involve a wired buried in the ground surrounding a designated space, say your front lawn. The dog wears a collar that sends out a warning tone when the dog gets near the boundaries. When the dog continues to bypass the boundary, it receives a static correction. Over time, and with some proper training, your dog will remain in the area – even though there’s nothing visually keeping him inside.

Other systems of containing your dog work along the same lines. One way is to use radio signals sent from a central device. When the dog leaves a specified radius, the collar it wears sends out a warning, and later on a shock. Another way of marking the “boundaries” is by use of the GPS tracking system. Both methods avoid having to bury wires around a designated area.

The aesthetic benefits of the electronic dog fence

Renters are usually constrained by their contracts – meaning they may not be able to put up physical fences if they want to, to keep their dogs inside. And then there are area where ordinances prevent the same installation. The work-around, to protect your dog, is to install electronic dog fences. You won’t have to disturb the ground much, with the installation, and neither will your dog look like a prisoner. Your dog is free to roam your area, but not outside it.

With an dog fence, you can be sure your dog won’t wander off, get lost, or hurt himself outside.

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