Pet Dog Door – Solve Your Doggie Woes, Keep Your Home Safe

When you install a pet dog door in your house, that set up becomes convenient for your dog, but it can affect your home’s security. Dog doors of the traditional variety, often just a frame under a door or on a wall, are often just plastic flaps. Even if some variants are manufactured with stronger materials, there remain security problems. Any responsible dog owner should take the following seriously when choosing a pet dog door.

How big the door is. Don’t just get any doggie door, there’s a height to consider. The thing about having large dogs is that the dog door you that fits them will also allow a small person to get in your home. Whoever can fit in that dog door could be anyone – your child, someone else’s, or a short thief. You wouldn’t want a child stuck there, and possibly injured. Also, if your dog can get in and out, other animals in the neighbourhood can, too – racoons, other dogs, etc. If you can at least restrict the height to that of your dog, you can probably limit intruders.

Dog door placement. Some dog owners automatically place their dog doors on their front doors, where neighbours and potential thieves can see and assess it. Unless you live in a security enabled home, it may be better to place the dog door on your back door (which often runs into a fenced-in backyard). Or at least on another door not in direct view of people passing by your house. You don’t want to give thieves ideas.

The kind you need. Some traditional flap doors comes with flaps made or sterner materials than plastic. Remember, too, that there are several lock settings you can choose from. The door can be set to swing open, outwards, or inwards; or just one direction, and then gets locked. This one side setting has advantages and disadvantages. This lock setting could lock your pet inside or outside your home – your pet will be safe inside, but oversights happen and it could be left outside, in the cold, overnight. Although an electronic /automatic pet dog door is an effective answer, it is more expensive. Your dog wears a special collar that the door can detect – so it opens only when your dog, and no other animal, is near.
Having a doggie door is a great benefit for both owner and pet – you won’t have to worry about accidental potty incidents (should your dog be kept inside the house for too long), and the dog can feel free to come and go as it pleases.

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