Potty Training Dogs

While potty training commonly refers to the process of training a child to urinate and defecate in the toilet, it can also be done for dogs if you want to house-train them. Potty training dogs is a necessary procedure that must be taught to a dog if you want it to live inside your house since you don’t want them to ruin your beautiful interiors with their disgusting and smelly excrements.

It is ideal to potty train dogs when they are still young puppies because as the saying goes, you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. In this way, their behavior is still very much moldable and you can prevent the bad habit of making your living room carpet their personal toilet.

The most basic method in potty training dogs is taking the dog out until they have done their thing, or a long time has already passed by with no results. The formula is that when dogs take in water or food, they pee or poop after 15 to 20 minutes. So in potty training dogs, you have to take it out in the morning after waking up, after breakfast, after lunch, after it naps, after dinner, after snacks, after taking it out of its crate, or when it whimpers during the night while indoors.

An important factor in the success of potty training dogs is the reward factor. You need to do a form of incentive when your dog successfully poops or pees outside of the house in order to impart that behavior on your pet. The simplest way to do this is to praise your dog in a cheery voice. Other people use clickers for a more efficient behavior modification, which is usually followed by a treat.

Of course there will be times when your pet will still poop or pee inside your house while still in the process of potty training dogs. When this happens, just quietly clean it up and ignore the dog. Do not punish or shout at the dog as it will just be counterproductive to your potty training. Just keep on repeating the process for a long time and the dog will surely learn this important behavior.