Prevent Heartworms in a Dog

Canines of all breeds can contract heartworm disease that may result in death if not treated properly. The disease spreads rapidly by mosquitoes. When this insect bites an infected dog, it then becomes a carrier that deposits the illness when biting another one. Undeveloped heartworms are sent to the bloodstream where they await another mosquito to carry forth this disease. Immature heartworms are sent back out into the bloodstream making a tasty meal for another mosquito. Dogs love to be outside and you cannot keep them confined for long. Dogs love the outdoors and require lots of exercise.

Canines are nosy and playful, but should be kept away from stray or wild animals. Dog parks are a breeding ground for heartworm disease, especially those with little upkeep. Canines are famous for eating dead rabbits, rodents and birds. Canines are notorious for ingesting their own feces or that of another dog. Carcasses carry immature worms and you should be sure to prevent dogs from eating things such as rabbits, rodents and birds. Your local veterinarian can prescribe an effective heartworm vaccine. There are several dog vaccines available that can be prescribed by your pet’s veterinarian.

It needs to be administered during mosquito breeding season on the same day each month. Popular brands of vaccines administered by veterinarians include HeartGard, Interceptor, Sentinel and Revolution. Popular brands of vaccines utilized by veterinarians include Interceptor, Revolution, HeartGard Plus and Sentinel. Veterinarians warn that companies purchase these drugs illegally and then resell them to the consumer. Only trust a vaccine by a licensed specialist with a signed prescription. The benefits of monthly heartworm prevention also include the ability to kill intestinal parasites and flea eggs.

Before beginning preventative treatments, have your dog tested to make sure they are healthy and free of heartworms. Results come back quickly and management can begin. Only adult dogs are tested since the detection takes 6 months after exposure. Some veterinarians will want your canine tested every year depending on where you live.

Dogs with heartworm disease will show signs of congestive heart failure. Treatment is expensive and not always effective if the disease has spread beyond help. It is healthier to take preventative steps in avoiding this debilitating disease.

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