Remote Collar – Nuisance Behavior and One Effective Solution

Some dogs are just too social they run away from you to get other people’s attention. To an observer, it might look adorable, cute even, because they don’t have to apologize to other people for the bother your dog causes.

So you get a day that’s supposed to be easy but ends up a stressful one – you want to lock up your dog and put it in its leash permanently. There are times your dogs just does what it wants, ignoring your calls and shouts – it will chew furniture, dig garden soil, run after other pets, scare little kids, and so on.

Some background info

You want to make your dog stop engaging in annoying behavior? Can it really be done? By using a remote collar, you certainly can. Obedience training for dogs, before the advent of transmitters and receivers, was pure hard work and repeated tries. Essentially the dog has to be set up to manifest the unwanted behavior so it could be “punished.” Of course, the deserved rewards (play time, some treats, attention) were given later on, when the dog avoided the unwanted behavior.

Obedience training in the modern age

These days, you can use a<remote collar> to observe your dog from afar, if needed, letting it think it’s roaming freely; except that with a transmitter in your hand, it’s bad behavior can be kept in check. You can actually train your dog to avoid some nasty habits – like chewing on shoes, clawing up furniture, or running after cars.

The benefits you enjoy

Days are over when the only option you have is to keep your misbehaving dog on a tight leash should it become a nuisance. Part of the remote collar package is the remote transmitter – like a remote control for your TV – which is the size of a small cell phone and acts to send signals from 500 to over 1000 meters to the collar. It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have – three to a dozes – the remote collar is worth the buy.

How a remote collar works – in a nut shell

Your dog’s collar has a device that releases a harmless low current shock. A leash means you have to yank it when your dog misbehaves, but a remote collar allows you to disrupt bad behavior without the stress of yanking and shouting at your dog. When your dog engages in an unwanted behavior – one that will get you embarrassed, mess up your day, and such – the released low volt shock serves to interrupt the pesky behavior. Soon, your dog will learn the if-this-then-that-happens routine – the moment you see “that” unwanted behavior, it gets a static correction.

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