Revolution for Dogs – Solve Current Infestation, Prevent Reinfestation

The moment you spot your dog scratching feverishly all over its body, you might be in for a flea infestation – yes, it can affect your home, too. In an attempt to prevent this, many dog owners take the time to routinely clean their home, bathe their pets, and vacuum their carpets – but sometimes the parasites keep coming back. One all natural way to do a flea and tick riddance program in your home is to use salt. This usually works, but if the flea and ticks on your dog keep coming back – if your dog keeps getting reinfested – you need something else to treat your dog with.

Topical solutions are one of the more effective ways of dealing with fleas and ticks – these are to be applied via a tube or vial on your dog’s skin. Another type of treatment is taken by mouth – oral solutions – for the treatment to start taking effect. You usually have to grind the oral treatments into pet food, and mix them well for the dog to eat the whole thing. Others take the form of flavored chewables, so that the treatment tastes like treats.

There’s a reason why the topical solution is preferred by some dog owners. They work fast, you don’t have to mix them with dog food, and they are often only given once a month – so there are no x marks on the calendar (scheduled doses) that may be missed when one is busy. Granted there are also meat-flavored chewable that mimic the taste of treats; still, these might still be rejected by your dog, or be liked that some dog owners think more is better – which is overdose.

With a topical solution you take one session with your dog, as you would when grooming it, and apply the treatment on the back of its neck. Spend a few moments with your dog, part the hair behind his back, the part under his nape’s back – squeeze the tube empty into the skin; that’s it. That one session is going to provide month-long protection from fleas and ticks. That one session is going to kill those fleas and ticks currently inhabiting your dog’s fur.

Keep the carpet well-vacuumed, the house routinely tidied up, the kennel clean, the pet beddings washed – in short, stick to this pet health maintenance routine. But at least you can rest assured the next treatment is far off – next month. With Revolution for Dogs you get effective month-long parasite protection, heartworm prevention, all at a convenient once a month dose via an easy to use tube or vial.

Consistency is key – the Revolution for Dogs dose must be administered 30 days apart so mark it on your calendar and count 30 days after that.

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