Selecting the Right Dog Halloween Costume For Your Pooch

As Halloween approaches, you may wonder what to get your pooch attired in for the big event. With the selections available, you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Taking your own efforts into consideration, you will want one that is easy to put on your dog. Velcro closures do simplify the process, but some costumes are too long in the belly for male dogs. For this reason, tabs may be a better choice for your boy.

It doesn’t matter if your dog weighs two pounds or two hundred, the only thing that matters is whether your dog likes to get dressed up. There are some dogs that just do not like to get dressed up. Others think it is just the thing for a holiday party.

If you have ever been to a doggie Halloween costume party you have probably seen costumes of every variety. The traditional to the most unlikely, all will be evident at these events. Every dachshund owner has the thought of dressing their pup as a hot dog. It is cute, but predictible. Perhaps for a change you may decide to dress them up as hamburgers. Hamburger costumes are available and it will show how creative you are.

Maybe that 160 pound doberman can go as a fairy princess. Now that would be an attention getter for sure. It all depends on the personality of your dog. If your dog is one that doesn’t like wearing a collar placed around the neck, it probably won’t want to wear anything other than the collar when you go to a party.

Dogs do have feelings. Some like the revelry associated with dress-up parties and some do not. It depends on their tolerance. If they allow you to put a hat or a pair of sunglasses on them, this may be as far as they let you go. Others will allow the dress, but will not let you touch the head. You know your dog best and should judge the outfit you select on what will allow the dog to be comfortable.

Small dogs are cute no matter what they are dressed as. An easy to dress pooch will probably strut their stuff when you arrive at the party. Boots and shoes may not go well on your dog. If you have ever seen the awkward gait that a dog with boots has, you will understand. It appears they are attempting to step out of a mud puddle with every step. Perhaps you need to stop at the costume level.

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party for your dogs and his friends, you may want to put a theme to it. Selecting fairy tales is always popular. The girls can come as Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland. The boys can come as Prince Charming or the mad hatter. Most of the other fairy tales have costumes available as well. From Little Red Riding Hood to Batman, someone has thought of it before you did.

A quick search on the internet will yield all of the fairy tale or other costumes that are available today. Watch your prices and your shipping costs. There are times when you can visit a local pet store and possibly pay a little more, but come out ahead, due to the shipping. If you have a particular costume that you must have though, it may not be available at the local pet store.

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