Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs – Reasons Some Dog Owners Prefer It

If you have a hyperactive dog that’s hard to bathe, chances are it’s also hard to make it keep still, unless keeping still can be made fun. You either make it fun or get the dog to obey despite making it feel bad, and you feeling bad about restraining a happy dog. When you want to apply a topical solution for fleas on your hyperactive dog, chances are you’ll end up disappointed. The dog could wiggle free anytime or run off, and the vial or tube could be wasted.

Unless you’re fond of getting angry at your dog for being a social animal – yelling at it and holding it firm, to keep it still – a topical treatment session can be stressful. A work around to that is an orally administered treatment, like Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs. If you’re used to splitting tablets in half or quarters, following a recommended milligram dose, and then mixing that with pet food, then you can handle the first part; the second part is worrying when the dog won’t eat what you made. You could end up wasting money, from buying that treatment, and time, with mixing it with pet food that the dog won’t eat. Not so with Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs.

You administer it once a month to your dog, and it’s meat-flavored, not to mention an effective parasite control and preventive treatment. The meat flavor is not something many dogs can refuse, that’s why many dog owners prefer this way of parasite control treatment for their dogs. It’s simply convenient – no need to hold still an anxious or angry or annoyed dog for topical treatment. No force-feeding to do, unlike with treatments grinded into dog food and refused by the dog.

Currently, there is only one treatment that tackles all nasty worms in your dog – that’s Sentinel Spectrum; Revolution for Dogs does not address tapeworm. Fleas, heartworm disease, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and of course, tapeworms – all these are taken care of by Sentinel. This is not a bad list of parasites and worms a single treatment can handle – just ask any dog owner.

It’s not surprising to heat that some dog owners want treatments for their pets that are convenient to administer. It’s the meaty flavor that at the heart of Sentinel’s appeal to dogs – it’s so easy to feed them this chewable since it tastes like a treat. People can be infected by certain intestinal worms that can reside in dogs. Sentinel protects your dogs from those worms, so your family can stay healthy as well.

Avoiding reinfestation also means regularly cleaning the house inside out – from vacuuming the carpets and upholstery to cleaning the floors. You need to do that in addition to the pet grooming and bathing you should normally do. Before giving Sentinel to your dog, you should consult your vet in case your dog needs to be tested for heartworms before you start prevention treatment, which is what Sentinel will do.

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