Stop Dog Barking – the Benefits of Using Bark Collars

Dogs can chew up your shoes, tear up the plants, knock over house items, and claw up your furniture. But as long as these are done inside your home, it’s unlikely your neighbors will knock on your door and complain to you about it. What your neighbors will complain about is a dog’s all night barking. This disturbance is bad enough for dog owners who own their homes. You could get evicted if you’re renting, especially when you can’t stop your dog from barking. Fortunately, dog bark collars can do most of the work for you.

There is an issues some dog owners face with bark collars – whether these collars are humane to use on dogs. The idea seems to be that bark collars are founded on the thought that pain is to be used to deter dog behavior of certain kinds. Actually, the device on collars uses three different ways to “interrupt” the dog’s barking. The long term goal is for the dog to be introduced to the unpleasant interruption. As the dog is accustomed to the bark-followed-by-an-annoying-interruption routine, it will stop barking altogether. This interruption comes in the form of either a spray, a low-volt shock, or a high-pitched sound. None of these harm the dog in anyway.

The low volt shock is not more jolting than brushing against a carpet with static; the sound and scent at best annoys dogs, which have a developed sense of hearing and smell, respectively. The spray bark collar, also called a Citronella collar, uses as bark-deterrent, a chemical derived from the Citronella plant. The dog’s barking is interrupted by that scent, and in manner of speaking is overwhelmed, because of its developed sense of smell. It’s similar to being focused on a task and smelling an overpowering perfume.

The shock type employs an electric volt no more harmless than brushing against static on a carpet. It should be known that the static correction is nothing like being electrocuted. The sound bark collar type uses a high-pitched tone as the interruption; the tone is far to high in range for human hearing. The sound, like the other collar types, distracts the dog enough to annoy it.

These electronic collars run on batteries. The sensing mechanism, of the good quality bark collars at least, is two-fold. The stimulus (i.e., spray, shock, sound) is released once your dog’s throat vibrates, along with the loud sound of its barking. This is so the device could discriminate your dog’s bark from other loud sounds in the surrounding area, like a truck’s loud engine.

To stop your dog from barking is as easy as shopping for the right kind and size of bark collars. Many online guides for breeds and weight recommendations for collars are available. You can also read the customer reviews so you get more informed prior to your purchase.

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