The Clear Benefits of Using Advantix Control for Dogs

The usual preventive procedures to curb fleas in your home include regularly cleaning your home and bathing your dog; of course, this list should include flea control treatments for your dog itself.
Any cursory search online would reveal the variety of flea control products.
These include but are not limited to sprays, shampoos, collars, dips, powders, injectibles, and orally administered treatments.
Topical treatment are one the most popular and often used anti flea solutions, for good reasons.

Topical solutions act fast, are easy to use, and have few contraindications.
You need only to apply topicals to small spot on your pet’s back. No complex figuring out, just a tube to squeeze.
This kind of protection is one of the more reliable and the longest.

It’s in this context that Advantix Control for Dogs is recommended. Unlike other treatment, Advantix for Dogs, Advantix Flea and Tick For Dogs acts fast – 3 to 5 minutes after application, to be exact.
In just 12 hours all the fleas inhabiting your dog’s coat will have been dead.
Advantix makes the fleas stop feeding, killing those already biting, repelling those just about to bite.
Advantix therefore remarkably lowers the chances that your dog will get Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

Even when your dog gets wet, the treatment remains effective and active.
Unlike other treatments, Advantix is safe to use on pregnant and lactating bitches and on pups at least 7 weeks old.

What to expect

As with any type of flea control product, you will see some fleas on your pet, even after application (whether your sprayed, shampooed, injected, orally administered, or applied the topical solution). Those fleas were present in your dog’s fur coat before you even applied the treatment, so no worries.
They probably just came into contact with the treatment’s chemical.
Using Advantix, you’ll see some fleas fall off, most of them already dying.

It’s highly likely to see fleas around your home, until all of them has perished – for that to happen you need to regularly clean your house, vacuum often, bathe your dog routinely, and stick with a reliable flea treatment solution.
It’s also possible some immature fleas on your dog managed to develop, despite treatment. In some areas, all year long infestation is highly likely; in such cases you need to rely on a flea control plan that works.
It will take weeks or months to kill all the fleas (in all their stages).

Sometimes you can’t tell when your dog will be exposed to other animals suspected of having fleas – for that you can rely on the protection from reinfestation provided by Advantix Control for Dogs.

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