The Paracord Dog Collar Is A Strong Dog Leash

When we started our quest for the best dog accessories for our 2 shibas, I saw the 550 cord leash in a Blog from Paracord expert Stormdrane. I wasn’t too familiar with the Parachute Cord (or paracord), only knowing that this type of cord was frequently used by the brave men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The 550 paracord is is extremely versatile and is known as a survival tool in an emergency and survival situation. The paracord’s original use was back in World War II when the paratroopers used the paracord for their suspension lines for their parachutes. The astronauts found use of the paracord during the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Today, the paracord is not only used by the military personnel, but civilians as well. In the situation of an emergency, the paracord may be used as a structure for creating a tent and as a replacement for shoe lace. The inner fibers may be used to floss your teeth as well as creating snares in catching food such as small animals and birds.

I was impressed on the paracord’s strength capacity, lightweight, and the array of colors it came in. My experience in braiding was limited to braiding hair and making friendship bracelets when I was younger, so I was very eager to learn this new technique, I decided to make the Paracord dog leash.

With my determination to learn, I created hundreds of dog collars and dog leashes, traffic leashes and couplers. What was once a curiosity for paracord has now led me to fulfilling hundreds of requests from customers both returning and new.

With custom craftmanship, the paracord dog leash is made with a selection of 20+ colors. The available colors include: red, royal blue, black, olive drab green (also known as od green), ACU digital, woodland camo, desert camo, colonial blue, coyote brown, coyote tan, desert tan, electric blue, foliage green, golden rod, grey, kelly green, khaki, multi camo, neon green, neon pink, pink, turquoise and yellow.

The trigger-snap buckles serves as an additional security and quite a bit of style from the standard dog leash buckles. There are four Paracord strands that are inter-woven with two braiding styles – diamond or spiral.

Because the paracord is available in a variety of colors, the color combinations are endless. It still amazes me how the paracord is extremely strong. With four ParaCord strands the leash has a breaking strength of 2,200 lbs. {and is lightweight and comfortable|it’s the best leash for dogs small and large.

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