Training Your Animal to Use a Pet Door Is Better than Giving It the Key

Although opening doors for your pet once in a while can be fun, the whole thing can become irritating especially if you are busy doing other things in the house. To avoid being your pet’s doorman, you should install a pet door at home and train your pet to use this door to go outside.

Buying a Pet Door

Spending a lot of money is not necessary to purchase a pet door for your house. You can get one for a reasonable price that’s also easy to install. Before you get a door that your pet will use, you have to take measurements of the body of your pet. Once you have the correct measurements, you may start hunting for pet doors either online or offline. Buying doors for your pet online is very convenient so you might want to do some online shopping instead of going to the mall or the pet supplies shop. Shopping online will not only help you save energy, it can also help you save some money especially if you use a price comparison shopping tool. Price comparison tools can help you find the cheapest prices online.

When buying pet doors, you should buy those doors that you can install on your own. This way, you get to save some money on carpentry work.

How to Install It

Installing the pet door is relatively easy and even if your carpentry skills are not really that great, you can still install this contraption within a few minutes. The first thing to do is to measure the distance from your pet’s stomach to the floor. The bottom of your door should be at 2 inches lower than the lowest part of your pet’s body and the width of your door should be at least three inches bigger than the widest part of your pet’s body. If you have a young pet, keep in mind that you may need to expand the measurements of the pet door after some time.

Pet Door Training

After the pet door has been installed, you should start training your pet to use it immediately. Take your dog or cat, place it in front of the door, open the door with the hand and hold it, and then gently push the pet through the door. With some repetition, your pet will eventually start to use the door on its own and won’t “ask” you to let it out anymore.

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