Training Your Puppy To Use A Leash

There are numerous types of collars and leads you can select from for your new puppy. We encourage people to start using some type of collar from the time the pup is about 7 to 10 weeks old. We suggest using some type of soft cotton collar and put it on and take it off several times a day just to get them used to wearing a collar.

Once the puppy stops scratching at his neck you can attach a soft light line to his collar and let him drag it around the house. It is necessary to watch him carefully when he does this so he doesn’t get hung up on something and injure himself. It can take a couple of days for your pet to get used to the line.. Once he is accustomed to the line dragging behind him it is time to pick up the other end and walk him around the house. If your dog [sits down|stops walking} when you hold the other end of the line, don’t pull on the leash, just try to get him to come to you by talking to him or calling him until he gets up and walks.

When he finally walks and moves with you, praise him wildly and even a treat. Make his time on the leash a positive experience. You can try to drop your end of the leash from time to time so there is not always tension on the line. When you notice you puppy moving well with you when he’s on the leash, treat him to a play session. The more happy and secure your pup feels when the leash is attached, the better it’s going to be for both of you in the future. If you practice this routine inside your house with your puppy, then it will pay off when you want to go outside for a walk with your dog.

Puppies should be trained using a long line for a couple of reasons. first a long line gets your little dog used to you having an influence on him from far away. A short leash almost always makes the animal pull on the end of it creating tension. There are many types of materials that are suitable to use in a long leash including cotton, nylon and leather. The extendible type leashes are great for lavatory walks and training the dog to ‘come’, however, they do not provide good control in busy scenarios.

Once your puppy is fully grown you can look for a quality leather collar. A good custom leather dog collars will last for years and is easy to take care of. Some of the best leather dog collars are ‘made to order’ and are only found online. With a custom leather collar you can personalize it to fit you and your dogs personality. From rhinestones to decorative elements, you can get a gorgeous unique collar.

Article by Jennifer Marshall a contributor to the dog boutique, specializing in leather dog collars, dog gift baskets, gourmet treats and more for your upscale pup. Click this link for more information on designer leather dog collars.

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