Understanding How An Electrid Dog Fence Works

Even if your dog is your best friend, I’m sure you don’t want it to go to areas of your property where he could cause damage or get hurt, such as your rose garden, your swimming pool or, if you have a very big dog, the area where your small children play. One of the best ways to do so, is to install an electric dog fence around the perimeter of these areas, as this will not only keep your dog from straying beyond borders, you can be sure, there will be no damage done to your neighbor’s property, too.

Understanding How An Electric Dog Fence Works

There are two main elements in an electic dog fence: the first one is the collar, which the dog has to wear and that has a radio receiver; the second one is an electric wire that has to be buried in the limits of the area where the dog will be.

The wire can sense the distance between itself and the collar, and when this distance becomes too short, it will send a signal to the collar so that the collar emits a warning sound. This is usually enough for the dog to back off and get back inside its designated area, but if the dog decides to go on, the collar will deliver a small electrical shock that won’t harm it. When a dog receives the shock, it learns to keep away from the fence.

These products are so widespread that you can buy the so called invisible or wireless fence in almost any pet store, as well as several types of receiver collars, including weather resistant ones.

The Advantages of an Electric Dog Fence.

The most obvious benefit of an electic dog fence is that it protects you property as well as your neighbors’ from your dog’s games, but that’s not all. The reason why the electrical dog fence is also called an “invisible” fence is because it’s underground and thus you can’t normally see it; this means it won’t interfere with the look of your property. In addition, your plants and flowers will grow without any obstacles, creating a much nicer natural fence around your property.

Another benefits of the electric dog fence is that your dog will not be able to run out of your property and chase after something that excites it, like a person with another dog or a running car. And of course, your dog will be able to run around the area you design for it, with the freedom of not having to be locked in or tied up to a tree.

With the use of an electric dog fence, your view from inside and outside of your home will not be obstructed, and is also beneficial to you if your neighborhood community forbids the installation of traditional fences

If you do decide to go for it, compare the prices and the quality of several products before you make a choice; don’t forget to check online stores too. You can find good fences at very reasonable prices. So, if you want to keep your dog safe and secure, try an electric dog fence. You won’t be sorry.

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